Autograf, Polish in Harringey

February 6, 2015

When it’s half raining, half snowing you don’t want to go to far from home. Which is why I ended up meeting some friends for dinner at Autograf. A well reviewed Polish restaurant very close to the Turnpike Lane tube station. It’s very cosy inside and has a diner feel. With booths, neon sign outside, twin televisions playing non stop 80s music videos. In total there are only be about 20 seats. It doesn’t feel like some marketing idea of a Polish restaurant. But it does have a definite Eastern European vibe.

The food is great. If you are looking for traditionally prepared Polish staples. This is the place. The portions are absolutely huge though. Not one out of four of us could finish an appetiser and even half of our main. So order carefully, or don’t. And just take home enough for lunch the next day. Which is what I did with my crumbed cutlet.

Pierogi with meat.

Pierogi with potato, cottage cheese, and onion. I think next time I go I’m just going to eat these buttery pierogi and drink beer. Three plates of these amongst four would probably have done us.

Red borscht with meat ravioli. Good sour borscht. The dumplings are filled with very finely minced meat.

The breaded pork chop with potatoes and browned cabbage (a side of hot sauerkraut not shown) was really tasty. Very tender meat. Huge portion. Was delicious cold the next day.

Roasted pork ribs. Quite sweet. Didn’t quite hit the mark.

Potato pancake with cottage ghoulash and white and red cabbage.

Chicken cutlet devolay style. Which is the Polish version of a chicken kiev?

If you are in the market for this kind of food. This is the place to come. A step above anything you’d find in the pubs in the area. And the whole meal was under £75 for four people including two rounds of drinks. And it includes lunch the next day.

488 West Green Road
N15 3DA

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