Bincho Soho

May 31, 2014

I mentioned before that I was looking for a kushiyaki/yakitori bar in London. Bincho looks like the closest thing to what I wanted so on a Saturday night we went with a couple of friends to try it out.

Kushiyaki is skewered food, cooked over a charcoal grill. And yakitori is specifically chicken kushiyaki. Though the two terms do tend to be used interchangeably. The point being that this is not a restaurant where you structure your meal into courses. Each skewer ranges in price from £1.50 (for chicken thigh) to £2.60 (for the eel) and you have to order a minimum of two of any type. So just order some drinks and get started.

Order a few items. See what you like, see how hungry you are, and keep ordering more until your done. Don’t order loads at once or they’ll be cold by the time you get to them. And since items come out so quickly there’s no need to.

Chilled Sake, served in this little box, they overflow the glass every time they pour so the box catches the overflow.

Chicken liver and salmon. The liver was perfectly cooked. Sweetly glazed and crispy on the outside. Soft and creamy on the inside.

Baby spinach and bacon salad. With I think a parmesan dressing? Very well dressed. Each leaf had been given some attention. Would definitely recommend it.

Bone in chicken wings.

Beef rib, and asparagus wrapped in pancetta.

Soft boiled quail eggs, chicken thighs, and big chunks of beef tongue.

Whole tiger prawns, beef rib, and pork belly.

Is this the yakitori bar of my dreams? I’m not quite sure. It can get expensive quickly. Between four of us with drinks and a lot of food it came to £180. I think I’ll have to go back, maybe by myself or with just one other, sit at the bar. Have a few beers and snack to see how that feels. If I worked around Soho though I could easily see myself doing that at least once a week as a light dinner. You can sit at the bar right in front of the grills which lets you see everything making those impulse decisions for a couple of skewers of chicken hearts much easier.

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