Brunch at Highbury Arts Club

June 15, 2014

Once upon a time, going for weekend brunch in the Highbury/Finsbury Park was limited to slumping off the nearest greasy spoon to enjoy whatever had the word “eggs” on the menu. The choices were dire. So dire that you would be forgiven for scrambling some eggs yourself, dumping ketchup on them and going back to sleep. We discovered the Highbury Arts Club a few months ago and not only is it a five minute walk away from home tucked on a corner in Highbury Barn, they sure know how to make a good breakfast. They have two mainstays on the regular menu, the Sydney and the Spanish, and a rotating specials menu on the blackboard. I had the Sydney breakfast – asparagus, free range bacon, free range poached egg and Hollandaise sauce with a sprinkle of parmesan on sourdough bread (there’s a choice of spinach and smoked salmon if you’re not into bacon). Served with a side salad, it felt like I was eating fresh, healthy food despite the generous helping of Hollandaise on top. Yum.

Hansel went for the Spanish Breakfast – 2 fried eggs, potatoes and delicious Serrano ham. The potatoes were nice and crispy, almost like crisps while the runny egg yolk made a nice sauce over the whole thing. It’s nice to have a choice from the ubiquitous full English breakfast. The servings are great for a lighter breakfast but for just a pound you can make it a bigger serving.

From the special menu on the blackboard, we ordered a side of Chorizo Pincho – which literally just means Chorizo tapas. Perfectly grilled and nicely shaped into some kind of sausage sculpture, it came with some grilled sweet red pepper on the side. They were both slightly smoky with a really rich flavour.

In the evenings, they have live jazz on Thursday alongside a tapas menu so I know we’ll be back soon to sample their wine list and find out what Flan de queso (Spanish cheese pudding) and Arroz con leche (Spanish rice pudding) taste like (I’m imagining something pretty spectactular). I mean CHEESE PUDDING?!

Highbury Arts Club
73 Highbury Park
London N5 1UA

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