Chewies Steam & Oyster Bar (Vancouver)

May 14, 2014

I’ve always been fascinated with Southern style cooking. Chewies calls itself a Steam & Oyster Bar (and they do have some amazing oysters) but most of the menu is good old-fashioned New Orleans cuisine. Gumbo, buttermilk fried chicken, shrimp and grits… it’s the dream of every glutton. So when we heard about Chewies Chicken and Waffles brunch special, we cleared the schedule. Take note that their amazing brunch menu is only available on Saturday and Sundays – we were disappointed when we showed up at 11 on a weekday but were quickly appeased by the food and the outstanding, super spicy Caesars (Bloody Marys). Starting off with the B.C. Dungeness and Louisiana Blue Crab Cakes with fire-roasted red pepper remoulade and lemon oil, I must say I have never had a crab cake so tenderly stuffed with actual crab. It was almost creamy on the inside and nice and crispy on the outside. These were demolished in minutes.

Next starter was the Seared B.C. Humboldt Squid (pan seared squid, cucumber & jalapeno salad, mint vinaigrette). I definitely preferred the crab but they managed to perfectly grill the squid so it didn’t have that tell-tale “rubbery” texture and the refreshing salad complemented the lightly seasoned dish well. Washed this down with the best Caesar I’ve had in years – garnished with a seasoned prawn and flavoured with real horseradish. Super spicy and DELISH!

There’s no way we could have left without sampling the oysters. They came fresh with all the fixings – tabasco sauce, their own house made sauce, lemon, vinegar and horseradish. Fresh and on ice – these made me miss living in Vancouver even more.

I was so excited to try the Southern Fried Chicken – it came with buttermilk mashed potatoes, greens, chicken gravy and honey butter. It came perfectly battered and the meat was tender but personally I found it a bit too sweet and it somehow didn’t go with the rest of the sides. I imagine this would be heavenly on top of some buttermilk waffles though. Next time.

Now the Fried Oyster Po’Boy sandwich was a revelation. Fanny Bay oysters served on crusty French baguette, house made tartar sauce and iceberg lettuce with a dill pickle on the side. This was to die for. It came with a generous portion of hot fries, seasoned with cajun spices. This was such a treat. I had to be dragged away from the cajun fries and actually had to lie down in the car for a few minutes after this satisfying meal. Take me to New Orleans!

Chewies – Kitsilano
2201 West 1st Ave. V6K 3E6
Phone: (604) 558-4448
<a href="Chewies – Kitsilano
2201 West 1st Ave. V6K 3E6

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