Dishoom: Covent Garden

October 16, 2014

My love for shared tapas-style plates comes from being accustomed to the ubiquitous spinning lazy susan at Chinese restaurants, usually heaving with a minimum of ten plates. I mean why just have one dish when you can sample twenty? Dishoom is inspired by the old-school style Bombay cafes open from morning to night. Their Bombay breakfast menu is a unique treat but take note it ends at 11:30am or 12 on the weekends so you’ll have to wake up early on Sat/Sun to make it down unless you’re lucky enough to live nearby. The casual all-day style menu makes it a tasty and affordable destination for after work drinks and snacks or a laid-back dinner. They do have bigger dishes that can technically be a “main dish” but the fun in this place is in sharing. The Fried Okra is surprisingly moreish. I think okra is a tough dish to make appealing and these were lightly seasoned and crispy. As usual, a deep fryer solves all problems.

I was told that the House Black Daal is one of their most popular dishes and it’s the perfect way to dress up the Roomali Roti. Such a simple dish but really satisfying – I could happily just have this for lunch or dinner. But obviously I needed more.

Another popular dish is the Chicken Ruby. Full of flavour but not overwhelmingly so, this curry is more of a full-sized portion. The tender pieces of chicken are in a rich ‘makhani’ sauce (a butter-based tomato cream sauce) and again is best eaten with some roti if you’re not in a rice mood.

The Dishoom Calamari is one of my favourite dishes there – tiny tender squid with a delectable crunch and a subtle drizzle of sweet sauce.

No visit to Dishoom can be complete with their cheese naan. The cheese is melted inside the naan and it comes out all piping hot and melty. *cue heavy breathing*. Don’t leave without trying their House Chai – this is chai tea the way it was meant to be served – with warm, comforting and satisfying spices.

12 Upper St. Martin's Lane
Covent Garden
London WC2H 9FB

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