Dotori, a wonderful Korean restaurant in Finsbury Park

June 27, 2014

Korean food is one of my favourite things. So we are very lucky that Finsbury Park has an absolutely fantastic Korean restaurant called Dotori. It doesn’t really need any more publicity because it is always fully booked. And when you do make a reservation and get one of the 30 seats in this tiny restaurant you can watch the staff turning away a constant stream of attempted walk ins.

Dotori has a Korean / Japanese menu. Which is usually a warning sign but not in this case. They really do manage to do each one well and the dishes don’t over lap. It’s not fusion. More a selection of the greatest hits from both cuisines.

Having said that we never order any of the Japanese dishes and stick with the straight Korean options. The sushi is fine. But who wants sushi when you can have a dolsot bibimbap or kimchi jigae?

An actual Korean meal isn’t organised into courses. The main dishes would be served with rice and any amount of side dishes. Known as banchan.

In Korea the banchan is free and refilled… but this is London so you’ll have to order what you want and pay for it like everything else. You do get a little iceberg lettuce and tomato salad on the house. So there is that.

The Oi, or cucumber, Kimchi.

Kimchi Pajeon. A crispy, greasy, slightly sour pancake made with big chunks of kimchi. The seafood version is also good.

The Mafa tofu deopbab. A large portion of deep fried tofu in a sweet, red spicy sauced served on rice.

Bibimbap is a signature Korean dish. Hot rice, topped with various options. You then mix it up with your desired amount of fermented pepper paste (gochujang) and eat. This is the bulgoggi dolsot. Thinly sliced grilled beef, served in a stone pot that arrives at the table sizzling hot and keeps everything warm while you’re eating it.

I can’t recommend Dotori enough. On top of the food being great it’s also very reasonably priced. The meal above, not including drinks but including service, only comes to £32. £16 each. Delicious, friendly, and reasonable. Perfect.

Dotori, Finsbury Park
3 Stroud Green Rd
London, UK N4 2DF

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