Fink’s Salt & Sweet: A little bit of Portland in Finsbury Park

September 7, 2014

I love Portland, Oregon. It’s hard to describe that elusive “Portland” vibe to someone. If you make your own jewellery, ride a bicycle and work in a feminist bookstore, you’re halfway there. Fink’s Salt and Sweet is a new cafe and deli in Finsbury Park nestled on a side street between Blackstock Road and Clissold Park/Stoke Newington. Open everyday, they serve breakfast and small plates with a changing daily menu – almost everything on the menu available to buy in store. My greedy eyes took in assorted pastries, giant hunks of fresh bread in metal baskets and cheese. Lots of cheese. I had the yoghurt with blueberries, strawberries, pistachios and honey. Simple but delicious. I don’t know why anyone would ever want to eat low-fat or diet yoghurt when the real deal is so damn good.

The flat white was decent – it tasted like a dark roast which I’m not a huge fan of. I’m a fussy old lady when it comes to coffee so I’ll have to come back and try again. I loved the mint green dishes – reminded me of 1930s jadeite.

Hansel went for the Breakfast Board (a selection of cheese and charcuterie, bread and butter). I mean, you can’t ever go wrong with that option. The sourdough bread tasted fresh and homemade and had a nice chew to it.

I love banana bread so had to try their freshly baked version. I enjoyed it but I imagine it would taste even better toasted with butter.

Oh and I couldn’t help but notice that they serve cronuts. They were sitting there all casual-like among the pain au chocolat and custard tarts. Like OH HI THERE! I’M A CRONUT. I’ve never actually tried one before so might as well go local for my first one. Next time (let’s be honest, tomorrow).

Fink’s is also a deli and they sell a unique assortment of food and groceries along with their fresh bread, cheese and pastries. I can’t believe I’ve never heard of this before but Belgian Biscuit Butter is actually MADE OF BISCUITS. So you’re spreading ground up biscuits on bread. Now that’s a double carb to be revered. A bit of internet research when I got home and the general consensus is that this is “crack in a jar”. I’m scared.

You can also buy Bacon Jam and vegetarian caviar. Oy vey. Nestled in an old Victorian butcher’s, Fink’s Salt and Sweet is just what the neighbourhood needs – it has a cool, laid-back vibe, good food, and friendly staff. There’s nothing else like it in the neighbourhood and it’s perfect for popping in on mornings you can’t be bothered to make breakfast or just want to catch up with a local friend over coffee and toast. They even serve wine at night. Oh and the Portlandia theme song started playing as we ate breakfast. Portland by way of Finsbury Park. I’ll drink to that.

Fink's Salt and Sweet
70 Mountgrove Road
N5 2LT

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