Hansel’s Unemployed Monday Porchetta

October 13, 2014

In between jobs I have a week off work. It has finally become Autumn in the UK and outside it’s pissing down with rain. So I wanted to buy some pork and make something special that would last a few days. Thus minimising the number of times we both had to leave the house. So I thought I would have a go at making a classic Italian Porchetta. Not that this is really classic. I used a whole shoulder rather than the belly and loin for instance.

Starting with a whole boned shoulder of pork.

Which I wanted to stuff with aniseed, fresh thyme, salt, pepper, and fennel

I took off the skin, along with its layer off fat. And then trimmed the remaining meat into another layer, about twice as thick as the skin. The meat taken off ended up being about 1.5KG in total so that got turned into some Caramelised Vietnamese Pork

On the skin I put ground aniseed, kosher salt, and pepper

Then on top of that went the flat piece of pork

With sliced fennel and chopped thyme

…and then rolled it up with some butcher’s twine. Which took two people and we still lost half the stuffing onto the counter.

Into a 200°C oven until the skin puffed up, then turned it down to 160°C for another 3 hours

And here’s the finished product. You can see all the various layers, the fat has almost entirely melted into the meat and the skin is a perfect crisp layer. Fennel and aniseed flavours going all the way through.

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