Home cooking, Vancouver edition

August 31, 2014

Jen and I were in Vancouver recently for our much belated proper wedding reception. It was an amazing experience. Jen’s mother went out of her way to personally ensure that I put on 5 kilos by feeding us every 2 hours. These are just a couple of the meals that I took semi decent photos of.

Thit nướng. This was very simply prepared. Thick cut pork belly, marinated in fish sauce and crushed garlic. Char grilled over gas. Served with vietnamese herbs (basil, mint, lettuce) and some vermicelli. And then of course the nước chấm dipping sauce you can see in the first picture. So ridiculously tasty.

If it was just a couple of us then someone might whip up a bowl of noodles with chicken broth, a thinly sliced plain omelette, spring onions, and as much shrimp paste and sriracha as you needed.

Along with that some fresh youtiao. Which I had never had before. But are long Chinese fried bread. They reminded me of maori bread and were delicious used in the same way. As crispy dumplings in the savoury broth.

Every morning there was a big pot of congee on the stove. I’m going to do an actual congee post soon. It was a real revelation. Light enough to be eaten every day. And not the boring sludge that is porridge. I watched it being made carefully enough so hopefully I’ll be able to recreate it to a similar high standard.

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