Home made Green Sriracha

April 18, 2014

Everyone loves Sriracha. But I’ve never seen a green chilli version available so I thought I would make one at home. This green version is sweeter and more lightly flavoured but definitely hot. It went really well with a pork loin that I cooked as the meat course for a classic italian meal last night. You are going to need some kind of food processor to make this. I have a Cuisinart mini food processor that does the trick.

The ingredients you’ll need are some green chillies, a clove of garlic, sugar, and white vinegar. Start by chopping the green chillies and peeling the garlic. I left the seeds in for a hotter and slightly more rustic version.

The Mini Cuisinart pre chopping.

After processing the chillies and garlic pour them out into a sauce pan and add sugar, salt, and vinegar to taste. Try to limit the amount of vinegar. The sauce shouldn’t be watery at any point.

Cook it over a low heat for a couple of minutes. This helps mellow out the garlic and integrate all the flavours together. Now put it back into the food processor and give it one more blend.

At this stage you could pass it through a sieve if you were really concerned about getting a smooth consistency. But it doesn’t really need it. Proper sriracha is also fermented for a week or more. I didn’t do that this time but it’s something to experiment with in the future. If you are interested in buying one of those Mini Cuisinart’s you should grab it here. I recommend it as the perfect apartment food processor.

UPDATE 2014/04/30: Looks like there is at least one commercial version available now. But not available in London, yet.

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