Lap Cheong with rice and spring onions

August 12, 2014

Lap Cheong is the generic term for cured, dried Chinese sausage. I’ve tried using it a few times now. The first time I bought them I had no idea what to do with them and tried to use them like chorizo. Which absolutely does not work. They need to be steamed or boiled before being sliced up and used in a stir fry. They are sweet and spiced. Kind of like a delicious meat candy. I’m definitely going to be buying and using it often.

Cooking the sausages along with the rice.

Post steaming ready to slice

Sliced and about to be mixed with the steamed rice, some coriander, and spring onions fried in peanut oil. See it really does look like meat candy.

A really simple and delicious one bowl meal. We added a bit of soy to taste as we were eating it.

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