Lazy Susan Room at Smoking Goat, Soho

March 29, 2015

Smoking Goat has been described as a Thai BBQ restaurant and all the reviews have been amazing. But of course they don’t take reservations. So months ago we booked their Lazy Susan room. Which handles a maximum of ten people as a way to skip the queue. It was a set menu at £35 each – a pretty good deal as there is A LOT of food.

It’s a lovely dark room. Right in the bowels (yeah I went there) of the restaurant with a giant table. The service is fantastic. Friendly and attentive but with a light touch. People who know what they’re doing, and how to host.

First up was the coal roasted Aubergine salad. Poached egg and fish sauce.

Next, their famous chicken wings. Crisp, sweet, sticky, and steeped in fish sauce. The whole place smells of them. In a good way. We were warned that we would immediately want more of these, and that we could have more of them. But that we shouldn’t because there was loads of food to come. We listened to the warning. Ate the whole plate. And then immediately ignored the host’s great advice and ordered more anyway. Not pictured was their pomelo and chili salad which we had polished off well before the wings arrived.

Cornish clams in a yellow curry broth.

Smoked whole lamb shoulder basted with fermented shrimp, chilli & palm sugar. The main course. We carved it up at the table and ate it with balls of sticky rice which were served to us in little plastic bags. It was a great piece of meat. A really unique preparation. Smoky BBQ plus sweet and pungent thai flavours.

Green papaya salad

And still they kept on bringing more meat! Slow roast duck legs marinated with galangal, lemongrass & kaffir and basted with ketjap manis & white pepper. At this point I have to confess to being so drunk that I don’t remember much about them. But according to Jen they were the highlight of the meal. I’ll have to go back for the duck and their Crab dish, which also receives rave reviews, but sadly wasn’t on the menu that evening.

For dessert kaffir lime granita & rum coconuts. A good refreshing end to the meal with a slight hint of fish sauce (seriously).

And that was the slight problem with the series of dishes we had served up to us. Each one was delicious. But taken as a whole the intense fish sauce flavour became a bit one note. And that’s coming from someone who really does love that flavour. But it does need to be done carefully. The papaya salad for example had too much. The salt of which killed the other flavours.

But that’s a pretty minor gripe. The overall experience was fantastic. Just the right kind of chaotic food fun.

Smoking Goat
7 Denmark St

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