Lucky’s Doughnuts @ 49th Parallel (Vancouver)

May 20, 2014

I love donuts. It’s my biggest weakness when it comes to sweet things. When people fantasize about cheeseburgers or fillet steaks, I fantasize about eating an entire bag of Tesco custard donuts. Sick I know. So when I arrived in Vancouver, a notoriously ‘foodie’ city, I went on the hunt for the best donuts I could sink my teeth into. Sure, Tim Hortons is a national treasure with to-die-for Boston Cream donuts, perfectly formed with a custard centre, and the infamous “double double coffee” – filter coffee with two sugars and two creams. But after a couple of years away, I discovered the holy grail of donuts in Lucky’s Doughnuts, a project from 49th Parallel Coffee Roasters on Main Street. Fellow coffee and donut fiends, they spent two years brainstorming ideas, taking pastry courses and of course lots of field research (eating donuts, obviously).

The first time we went we tried the Tiramisu (a coffee pastry cream filled with bismarck, topped with mascarpone whipped cream and cocoa) and the Cinnamon Sugar. I’m not a huge fan of overly fancy doughnuts as they’re usually sickly sweet but this Tiramisu was light and fluffy with just the right amount of sweetness in the centre. The Cinnamon Sugar was a lightly sprinkled old-fashioned style donut, perfect for when you just want a bit of sweetness. The texture reminded me of coffee cake and it went perfectly with my soya flat white.

We obviously had to return a second time with more people to sample multiple flavours. This time we went with the Blueberry Coffee Cake, Earl Grey with Lavender, and as a testament to how good they were, the Tiramisu and Cinnamon Sugar again. Another friend joined us and had the Orange Honey Pistachio doughnut. Yum. The Earl Grey was very unique – it had a creamy bergamot-flavoured centre with a lavender icing. Made fresh everyday, you can choose from eclectic flavours like Peanut Butter and Jelly, Salted Caramel and Coconut Bismarck alongside classics like the Long John and plain glazed variety. Bonus points for a quality flat white.

Lucky's Doughnuts @ 49th Parallel Coffee Roasters
2902 Main Street

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