Meatballs with tomato and coriander sauce

June 10, 2014

These make a very simple meal. Beef meatballs with a simple tomato sauce. Using coriander rather than parsley gives them a fresh Summer flavour.

I formed 8 meatballs out of 500 grammes of beef mince, heavily seasoned with salt and black pepper. Along with some softened onions that I cooked put didn’t use in the chicken liver and sage pâté.

Dump one can of plum tomatoes into a sauce pan with chopped coriander and some salt and pepper to taste. Cook it for a 10 minutes and taste carefully to make sure you’ve added enough salt. Just before you serve it add some more chopped coriander (add it late to keep it tasting fresh) and keep some to garnish with.

This is also an entry in the Summer series of the Four Seasons Food competition being hosted by Delicieux, Eat your Veg, and The Spicy Pear.

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