Oceanz Seafood, Auckland

December 22, 2014

Living in the UK for the last 6 years has turned me off Fish & Chips, the style here is just… a bit stodgy? The batter is usually very thick. Sometimes to the point where it is like a dough casing. In New Zealand it’s very different. Closer to tempura, and the fish is generally fresher and we frequently use New Zealand Snapper which is probably the greatest eating fish out there. You can keep your cod, or whatever it is that’s being served as cod now since there aren’t any left anyway.

New Zealand Snapper, aka Silver Sea Bream.

Oceanz Seafood is actually a seafood retailer. But they’ve always had restaurants and dining options attached to their locations. At one point (1999) they even had an upmarket seafood restaurant in the Auckland viaduct that I worked at briefly as a waiter. Or maybe that was their rival wholesaler Seamart?

Anyway, for sentimental reasons I wanted to get Fish & Chips in NZ at least once, and these guys have been voted the best in the region for 2014 and their close to my mother’s place so we paid them a visit for some snapper, chips, potato fritters, and a pineapple fritter.

I couldn’t fault anything. Each piece was fried to perfection. Light and crispy. Absolutely grease free. There was even some cinnamon sugar on the pineapple fritter which I don’t remember places bothering with before I left. A classic example of New Zealand style fish and chips.

Oceanz Seafood Silverdale
Next to Plant Barn
17 Hibiscus Coast Highway
Auckland 0932

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