Porkys BBQ in Camden

November 15, 2014

The only reason we generally go up to Camden is to use one of the private Karaoke rooms at Yum Cha Silk & Spice. But Jen had bought us some tickets to a gig in the Round House so we thought we may as well get dinner somewhere around there and decided on Porkys. Which just won Timeout’s best local restaurant in Camden. Decided by popular vote.

The first think you notice when you walk in is the intense smell of BBQ sauce. The whole place is smoky and sweet. You’ll know whether you like this or not.

We ordered the Memphis meaty ribs and tips (you can just see the tips poking out from under the pork ribs), creamed spinach, mac ‘n cheese, and pitt beans. Which was enough for both of us to feel slightly uncomfortably stuffed. All that for only £21.25. Which is a fair price for a delicious meal.

From reading some of the other reviews of Porkys I was half expecting it to be some cynical attempt to jump on the rib bandwagon. But it’s really not. The meat is well smoked and delicious. The sides were all good examples. The pitt beans were possibly a bit boring. Perhaps they could have been baked as well? But the spinach and mac ‘n cheese went perfectly with the pork and the ribs tips give a bit of textual contrast. A bit of gristle to gnaw on if you will.

Creamed spinach.

Mac ‘n cheese.

Pitt beans.

I’m not sure if I would cross London every week to visit Porkys (not that I have to because they have a Shoreditch location as well) but I could happily hit this once a month. It’s good food, done well, for a very reasonable price.

18 chalk farm road
nw1 8ag

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