Rasa Sayang, Chinatown

January 26, 2015

We’re at that age where we sometimes go to the theatre on a Saturday night. But not quite old enough to start believing that a pre-dinner menu in Leicester Square is a smashing idea. Maybe in 20 years time you’ll see my shadowy figure behind the glass of the Piccadilly Circus flagship of Angus Steak House. After literally having the door slammed in my face at Leong’s Legend next door and with only an hour to spare before we had to be in our seats, we slunk over to Rasa Sayang, a Malaysian Singaporean restaurant in Chinatown that was also at full capacity.

I live for ho fun (stir fried flat rice noodles) and this looked like the closest thing on the menu. All of their dishes have a helpful, full-colour photo next to an actual description. Very considerate. This was the char kuay teow (wok-fried flat noodles in superior dark sauce and fresh seafood). Yum. Nothing to write poetry about but tasty just the same.

Keeping in mind that we had an hour before we had to be in our seats, we ordered Singapore Chilli Crab (fresh crab wok-fried in signature spices and chilli, topped off with velvety beaten eggs). By the time it actually arrived we had 40 minutes to go. I nearly broke a tooth on that crab as the elderly couple at the next table looked on in utter horror. With 15 minutes to go I was shovelling the delicious sauce into my mouth and mainlining clumps of steamed rice like they were tic tacs. Mmm. No time to savour.

Now the wings were a little disappointing. The sauce was sickeningly sweet. At this point there were still about 4 wings left and I had precious little time to spare. So I went for it. But even my best efforts could not overcome the cloying sweetness of the sauce. During the entire play I could smell chicken wing sauce wafting around my general area. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

Rasa Sayang
5 Macclesfield Street
London W1D 6AY

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