Street Feast @ Hawker House, Haggerston

April 1, 2015

Carbs are a menace and sugar is the devil. But you can only run so far before you crave their comforting arms around you. I went to Street Feast at #HawkerHouse with the full intention of being healthy and low carb (HAHA). But it obviously descended into feeding at the trough and queuing for fried chicken and noodles. Hawker House opened the weekend of 30th January for 10 weekends and is housed on three glorious floors filled with street food, booze and music in what looks like a burnt out office building. Pretty long queues if you don’t get there early on a Friday night but it wasn’t TOO bad. First thing I tried was a Cornetto of Mussel Popcorn at Duck N’Roll, run by Michelin-starred chef Pascal Aussignac from Club Gascon – heavenly! Perfectly seasoned with just the right amount of crunch and a side of black aoili dip.

Next up was some classic pork & chive gyoza dumplings from Rainbo. These didn’t blow my mind but were still good. I imagine it was just because they were a little bit cold. Started in 2011 Rainbo partners with Nepalese NGO called BASE to help raise money to help put an end to child labour, with 20p from every meal we sell going directly to the rescue, rehabilitation and reintegration of child labourers. Dumplings with a conscience – what’s not to love?

The most popular stand by far was Breddos Tacos. But we didn’t want a taco after we saw the words ‘buttermilk fried chicken’ from across the room. It took about 30 minutes but we ordered two small sides of fried chicken and DAYUM it was worth it. I think it also comes in a taco but hey I was “low-carbing” (LOL).

Also hit up Busan BBQ – a self-described “AmeriKorean Dream”- run by a husband and wife team inspired after eating a Bulgogi burger in Korea on a trip to meet the in-laws. We ordered two kinds of sliders – the Busan Burger (28 day rare breed British beef burger, dunked in a soy bulgogi sauce and topped with mustard pickled onions) and the Spicy Pork Belly bun (sweet and spicy pork belly, gochujang sauce). No one really liked these – it was too saucy, too salty and didn’t feel American or Korean. I would try these again as it’s an intriguing idea but the execution left much to be desired – I felt like I was beaten over the head with sauces.

Another highlight of the night was Yum Bun. Started as a stall in Hackney’s Broadway Market in 2010, they serve delicious signature steamed pork, chicken, mushroom and shrimp buns. We had sweet steamed fried buns filled with ice cream – salt caramel and toasted coconut. OMG. These were faultless and exactly how we imagined them – an Asia-inspired ice cream sandwich. By this point in the night I felt slightly sick (standard) but it wasn’t hard to finish these off. UPDATE: If you missed out on Street Feast #HawkerHouse, it’s coming back to Dalston Yard for the summer starting the weekend of 16th May with an even bigger event called Dinerama set to be open five days a week. Not to mention Summer Tales at Red Market in Old Street – a tropical-themed street food feast with relaxed jungle vibes and hammocks on the menu. Christ. Will have to get those bibs cleaned.

Really need to try the Angry Fries from Bleecker St. Burger next time – chips soaked in hot sauce and creamy blue cheese. Mmmm. The stuff of gluttonous dreams.

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