Tây Đô, Kingsland Road Vietnamese

July 11, 2014

We’ve tried most of the Vietnamese places in London’s Phở Mile. The one I frequent most often is Tây Đô restaurant on the East side of Kingsland Road.

It’s not because I think it has the best of everything (well maybe the best crispy fried squid…) but it does have the best post work dinner experience. It’s BYO, it has a huge dining room which means that even on Friday night you’ll never have to wait long, and it’s cheap. Cheap enough to do a couple of times a week.

the Bánh xèo, a crispy rice pancake filled with bean sprouts and meat.

Probably the best crispy squid on the street. Never greasy, and with just the right amount of MSG. Right up there with McDonald’s fries for fast food perfection.

The fried pork cake. A very traditional Vietnamese food. I don’t think they actually make this themselves. But if you like it you can buy it from one of the Vietnamese shops further North on Kingsland road.

Obligatory summer rolls.

Green papaya salad with prawns. Another crispy dish. Shredded green papaya dressed with lime juice, fish sauce, and sugar. I can’t imagine a good reason for not ordering this.

Chicken in chilli and lemongrass. Not a subtle dish. Full of fragrant oil. Very moreish. First time we’d order this but will definitely get it again.

If you are there for lunch or you just don’t feel like sharin then you might want to get one of their bún. Which is a self contained meal of rice noodles, grilled meat and salad. Or a bowl of phở of course.

Tay Do Restaurant
64 Kingsland Rd
E2 8AG


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