The Hemingford Arms, Islington: Thai pub food

August 14, 2014

Before I moved to the UK, the idea of eating Thai food in a pub was akin to eating sushi in a petrol station. Heinous! Maybe acceptable after 2am? Debatable. The Hemingford Arms in Islington is a small, charming pub in a residential area in Islington tucked away on a side street away from the stampeding prams careening down Upper Street. Predictably I had the pad thai with prawns. Highly enjoyable. I’ve definitely had my fair share of sub-par thai food in pubs and the food here is really nice. It’s just really simple, no frills Thai food – I mean, I wasn’t transported to a beach in Phuket but I was sitting in an English pub after all.

The Red Curry Chicken came with some crunchy red and green peppers and was mild and coconutty. I have yet to find an incredible Thai restaurant in London but if you’re hungry and looking for a cosy atmosphere in a local pub (and you live in North London), this beats standard pub fare any day.

The Hemingford Arms
158 Hemingford Road
N1 1DF

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