Yolk @ The Faltering Fullback

June 29, 2014

The Faltering Fullback is a big rugby pub in Stroud Green. Just past the Finsbury Park station. Downstairs it’s very much your standard pub. But it has an unusual garden area. There are maybe 8 different levels of wooden terrace with tables and even a gazebos. Have a look at the gallery on their website for some photos.

Anyway, we saw on twitter that Yolk had taken over their kitchen from now until the 3rd of August. So on a sunny Sunday we walked up, ordered most of the menu and some drinks from the bar, and sat in the sun on their terraces.

Everything on the Yolk menu revolves around eggs. So french toast. It’s fluffy but not insubstantial and had a nice citrusy tartness to it. Not too sweet. Served with mascarpone and a berry coulis.

Eggs benedict.

Their signature scotch egg. Which was kind of an odd breakfast choice but is just perfect.

Another shot where it’s been cut in half. Probably cooked in a sous vide before being covered in the moreish sausage mix and deep fried.

Spaghetti carbonara. A really perfect example. It’s such a nice simple pasta dish but about 80% of the time someone’s screwed it up by adding cream. The only sauce here is the egg yolk and a little cheese.

Yolk is well worth a visit for breakfast or a light dinner / bar snack. You’ll have to follow them on twitter to keep track of them once they leave Stroud Green. Though they could totally take over one of the empty cafe’s on Blackstock Road and stick around. I’d eat that pasta once a week.

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